A brief post about the union-smasher bill that I’ve heard just passed in Wisconsin today.

The main issue I have is that, thanks to this, our children will now be dumber. So dumb, in fact, that they may continue to think things like this bill are a good idea.

The five states (before today) without collective bargaining for teachers rank 44th and 47th-50th in standardized test scores. Wisconsin is currently (I believe) 2nd.

The Governor had previously said that this is all about the budget, the budget, the finances. When he realized (that is, was told, but didn’t know, because Wisconsin’s Governor did not graduate from college) that he could pass the non-financial provisions of his bill without a quorum, he stripped it of the elements geared toward the budget and ended collective bargaining anyway. Guess it wasn’t about finances.

As a Wisconsin native and an educator, I can really say only two things. 1) I am very thankful to have come from a state where the education was so good. 2) I am sad that I may be part of the last Wisconsin generation who can say that.